Release Date:2011


NBA 2K Online provides the real experience of basketball for users. Not only the basketball game, but also community and multiplayer leagues etc give users new experiences in the NBA world. Users’ avatars in the game will become more and more powerful under training from the users. The final goal is to win the final championship and the users is also always on the road to MVP.


Create a player and improve him by yourself. Start as a low level player in Summer Circuit, try to play hard and make the avatar stronger on the road to NBA star. In this way, your level will be improved and you will be closer to NBA match.

Skill System
Your avatar will have a skill tree according to his position. With the improvement of level, your avatar will learn many different skills including attribute boost, new motion, etc.

Quest System
Quest system includes tutorial quest, daily quest and main quest. Tutorial quest will lead you to pro level from rookie man. Daily quest can train you by yourself or with your friend everyday. And main quest will show you the road to MVP!

3 VS 3 Mode
In NBA2K Online, now you can play with your friends in each game. In 3 VS 3 mode, you and your friends can act as 3 main players in your team to beat your opponent.

Multiplayer Official League
Millions of users can join it! NBA 2K Online will set periodical league for all users including NBA season, play offs, all-star, etc. Users can fight for the glory and win the final trophy.

NBA 2K Online will provide good chance for you to play NBA games with your friends. Certainly, you can enjoy the game in other ways including basketball club, different association, etc. It’s a big NBA world!

Player Management
You can sign any NBA stars you love to your team. They will make your team more powerful and this can help your avatar to develop more quickly.

NBA Today
NBA today will provide the latest information of real NBA world for you. According to the real world match, NBA today will arrange different types of activities for users. And living rosters will be updated by NBA today.